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Feed the beast
Just got back from a cold day on the slopes and my tummy is like a growling monster. My indulgent lunchtime grilled cheese was delicious but now the itcries for more. We ordered a spelty pizza treat (+ salad) from magic oven. It can't get here soon enough.

Ski honey
I had a funtime skiing, although I was mostly on my own and my skills have certainly slipped since moving to the big stink. I think I could use a lesson or two cos my nearly parallel is feeling a lot more like barely parallel. Oh well, I plan to conquer Whistler come Feb no matter what my form. I was very excited to wear my girly new outfit. It's black and hot pink, true ski honey stylins.

The dude had a good day out too. He is learning to master the snowboard, or at least carve a turn or two. He had lesson and it is starting to click. I am confidant that in little time (and with my not so gentle prodding) he will soon become Senor Shredder. It would be so much more fun freezing my tush off if we could manage some runs together.

Stew Funny
Last night we went with some folks to Pomegranate on College for a stewriffic persian meal, where we ran into: Pony and Kiff (and Judy too, hi Judy!) - it was so unreal. The one weekend we don't have plans with those two vagabonds we are lucky enough to see them anyway.

My world, she is small. Tiny. Teeny.

itty. bitty.

Oh the hunger. Ring damn you doorbell. Ring!

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