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Dear dear

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Dear Tali - Thanks for the Metric album. I have clearly held out on picking it up for too long. (Although the song I am listening to at the moment is a little too My Sharona.)

Dear Em Ess Enn Jenn - Thanks for finally getting with the IM trend.

Dear Cute Boy On The King Streetcar - Are you gay or straight? It doesn't matter. What I really want to know is who dresses you? You wowed me with your choice of cords and shoes. Yummy.

Dear Physio - I think I have a bit of a crush on you. Too bad I always show up for our sessions all sweaty and breathless. Talking to you this morning about running, coffee and wine was a delight. Since when did I start to fall for the outdoorsy sporty types? I have always been a sucker for the bad boys, the indie rawkers, the dark and cynical. Somehow your extreme hotness seems to balance out your clean cut ways. Good thing we are both married.

Dear Feet - Thanks for getting me running through the winter. I feel awesome but the blister under my left arch is gross. Please make it go away soon.

Dear Co-workers - I heart you all. Well most of you anyhow.

Dear Dude's Co-worker That I Ran Into Last Night - It was good to see you. You are looking hawt. I am impressed. I hope that we can make a concert date sometime soon.

Dear Tummy - Please shush up. I will feed you again in an hour or so. Gosh!

Dear Sunshine - You are my only sunshine.

Dear Napoleon Dynamite - Ligers are only like my favourite animal!

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