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So it's been suggested by mr hand, the poor soul who sits beside me during my 9 to 5 life, distracting me to no end with links to disgusting things found only on the Internet and force feeding me candy, that perhaps I might quiet my inner monologue.

"The delete key is your best friend," said mr. hand earlier today, mouth agape at yet another social blunder on my part. (One that had me and everyone else around laughing hysterically - I had tears!)

It seems, I suffer from a lack of boundaries, and am guilty of blurting out TMI (too much information.) Personally, I think I am entertaining as all get out. It should be noted, mr hand rarely fails to laugh at my blurtations.

It's not like I reveal truthfully intimate details, like "wow, I experienced a brain-melting orgasm this morning" or "I can't seem to get rid of this rare form of toe-fungus..."

I guess, when surrounded by people I know and trust, I am pretty comfy with who I am, what I do, how I think ...and I assume they won't judge me or my goofy behaviour.

It's when people take me too literally, that problems start... Like with my crushes for instance. Some readers of this journal, were taking this a bit too seriously. Now, being a crush girl at heart, my crushes *are* serious. I have been known to hold onto a crush for months, even years. It's even likely that once a crush, always a crush will prevail.. Unless of course, the spell is broken by either reciprocation or some kind of emotional scar-inducing episode.

What people might not realize, is that a long time ago, the dude was the object of my crush. I had a crush on the dude, FOREVER. I'm talking a full year and half of all consuming, heart pounding, uncomfortable silly girl giggly, megacrushing.

And these words I write about the cute boy on the streetcar, or the girl making my smoothy, they are just words. So yeah...

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