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London Calling

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Hello world, I am back online after a five-day UK whirlwind adventure. To sum it up in one word: hectic. It felt like I was constantly stumbling over cobblestone dragging my little suitcase behind me.

Here are some observations I made while riding a commuter train after 24 hours in the UK:

- You forget what a luxury it is to lie down until you haven't gone 48 hour without it.
- Everything here is more compact: cars, living space, shops, goods. Not the pints though thankfully those are still pint-size, pun intended.
- It's a lot more work to communicate even though everyone speaks English. Each accent is different. Our friend Kate seems to talk like a fairy or a munchkin from Oz. Other sound like toughs, or movie characters. The guy next to me chatting with his mate on his cellphone sounds exactly like Michael Caine does in The Italian Job.
- So many trains.
- The tube/underground is impressive as it's been around so long. It's depressing how dark, hot and stanky it can get.
- Everyone everywhere is talking or texting on a mobile.
- Children with accents are adorable.
- Beer goes best with an open bag of crisps.
- Saying toilet while efficient still sounds rude to my polite Canadian ears.
- Sitting to shower just isn't right.
- Lack of highspeed Internet makes me anxious.

I have so many other things I could blather on about like the art I took in (Frida Kahlo at the Tate Modern or Chihuly in Kew Gardens - amazing!) or how my bank card was compromised and someone stole mucho dinero from my account and I only realized it on my way to the airport (!!) but I am busy playing catch up at work so I'll save it for another day.

If you still want more to words to feed your mind, I recently reviewed the Ethiopian House on Torontoist, check it.

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