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So I am not sure if I mentioned this already or not but one of my younger brothers R., moved to Toronto in September. We are three years apart but he often acts like my older bro, this might have something to do with the fact he is 6'4.

We haven't lived in the same city in almost eight years. Back in the day, when we both lived at home, we used to fight a lot of the time.. Usually over all the predictable things, mostly involving having to share precious commodities like the phone, computer and bathroom. He usually won but mostly because he can easily tackle me or kick me in the head. Still, I had some rank being the eldest.

Now though, we get along great. He is really funny and always pulling insane practical jokes. He is also quick to offer advice, I am lucky to have him around. Now that he lives here, we've realized how shockingly similar we are. The dude and R.'s ladyfriend can't stop comparing us. She even coined our new favourite term "The Schachter Factor. " Needless to say, we like her a lot!

They are coming over for dinner tonight.. Since it is a cold gray October night, we have prepared the following menu to warm our bellies:

Morrocan Phyllo Triangles - loaded with ground meat, spices and almonds for crunch.
Butternut Squash soup - my own mish mash recipe with pears and curry.
Chicken with artichokes, olives, mushrooms and stewed tomatoes and a side of sweet baked acorn squash.
Salad - which R. and M. are bringing by.
and copious amounts of red wine!

The dude and I had so much fun making the soup (the hand blender really is one of the best inventions EVER) that I am thinking we should make every Sunday, soup sunday and try out new recipes. I am hankering for some hearty mushroom and barley, spinach lentil and chicken soups.

I really enjoy my wintertime hibernation. I went for a run this morning, it was blustery and yet beautiful with all the fall leaves. Some left amazing imprints in the mud up in the St. Clair ravine.. I wish I'd had my camera. Today was the Toronto Marathon and I came across a couple of support stations with volunteers cheering and clapping.. I smiled and waved. Maybe next year?

Other than a quick trip to Kensington to stock up on Ideal coffee and veg, I spent most of the day indoors... catching up on work, paying bills, doing laundry, napping, and reading. Gotta love fall.

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