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Hey kids -

I have been disconnected for too long.. Here's what's been going on:

Yesterday was my first day in the new job. It was nuts! I had non stop meetings until 2:00 when I was finally able to sit down at my desk and eat a salad while checking email. The truth is that I actually missed having days like this, I thrive on being kept busy. People seem nice overall but I still miss all those crazy snappers. Dressing up is fun though, at least for now. Although when I saw the snow this morning I panicked! Do I bring a spare pair of shoes to work? I mostly wear tough girl boots, will this clash with my new corp image? I decided who cares and went for comfort and wore my pocketed Timberland boots but I just might go buy a sexy pair of black heels on my way home. Working right by Yorkville is dangerous!

As to my trip to L.A., well you will hear the details of my night out with those hottie fembots, Jen and Mina (I missed out on meeting Kristen - boo!) tomorrow. The trip was a lot of fun, the big news is that I am an Aunt. Aunt e. Anti. Yes yes, enough about me, I have a nephew named Benjamin who made his entrance into the world just as our plane landed. He goes by Benny and he is very cute but all scrunched up in a newborn kinda way. It was awkward being around a newborn baby, I was so clumsy at picking him up but I was pretty good at calming him down when he cried.

The dude and I managed to escape for two nights in Palm Springs, from there we went to Joshua Tree National Park and hiked in the desert, it was amazing but also sooo cold. We had no idea, we showed up in shorts and Tshirts and had to run back to town to buy thick sweaters. It was amazing! Gorgeous cloudless blue skies, odd looking Joshua trees, we even saw a coyote. Check out some photos here (no comments on my hair, it was really windy!)

I liked L.A. a lot more than I did the first time. I really started to know my way around and felt comfortable driving which was nice. It was definitely tough to say goodbye to 30 degree weather and palm trees.. But here I am back in Canada forced to console myself with ski season. In Ontario. Boo.

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