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The Hecker Connection

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Day one of my new job, I am invited to this huge meeting in a gianormous boardroom on the 17th floor of a downtown highrise. I counted more than 23 people in the room, many of them in suits. I found this both entertaining and intimidating. Naturally, a powerpoint presentation was on display. The guy at the helm was wearing a remarkable suit, most stripey, with great glasses.

I met this guy a few hours later as I was being introduced around the floor. He said he had noticed me in the meeting (must have been my shiny new "day job" outfit) and had wondered who I was as he didn't recongize me. His name is Jeff Hecker and even though we have not yet really worked together directly, I have amassed a collection of random facts about Hecker.

He spent 3.5 weeks in Thailand on his honeymoon.
So did I.

He is a cheese fanatic.
I married a man who can drop $60 on cheese in Kensington Market like he was picking up a pack of gum.

He is tall with curly hair and occasional glasses.
Me too. Well, tall-ish for a gril.

Hecker also does improv and I once took a course.

He is a vegetarian. I often eat vegetables.

The other day, I was running late for a massage near my place when who pops out of the elevator? Hecker of course. He was just in for a quick rub by Cathy. I was her next victim. Neither of us have ever been to see her before, but both go to the same massage place, a good 30 minute walk from the office.

The next morning on my way into work, who jumps into the elevator at the same time as me? Yes, it's Hecker. (Let me add there is a bank of at least 8 elevators to choose from in our building.)

All these things were adding up. I had to find out more about this guy. Clearly you need to know more too. Presenting insights into Jeff Hecker:

How long have you worked here?
I have worked here for two years, but before that I worked at our ad agency, so in a way it's like I've worked here for 5 years.

When were you married?
I was married on September 4th, which means that this is month #4.

Our wedding was at the Carlu, the swish place in College Park.

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Toronto. My family moved around Ontario a bit, as my dad owned Canadian Tire stores in a succession of places, like St. Catherines and Mount Forest, where we were the only Jews (except for 1 other family). I also lived in Los Angeles for about 7 years.

Do you have any connections to Montreal?
Not really. My wife did her undergrad there, if that counts.

Are you a vegetarian for ethical or health reasons?
When I was young, I didn't have much power at the dinner table. I became a vegetarian as a way to drive my parents crazy. It was very effective. What was especially good was that when my mother made hamburgers at home, I wouldn't eat them. But if we went to mcdonalds, I would order a hamburger, because in my child's mind, a mcdonald's hamburger wasn't meat. That really made mom mad.

So, I'm not a vegetarian for ethical or health reasons. My vegetarianism is just a childhood havit that has continued on into my adult life for no good reason.

Name five little known personal facts:
1. Sometimes I smell my food before I eat it.
2. I am quite a talented juggler.
3. I am completely unable to throw a frisbee.
4. I have a minor in a thing called Semiotics, a discipline largely unknown to the world.
5. I once performed as a backup singer in a musical stage version of "condoms are a girl's best friend".

Where do you buy your ties?
Harry Rosen. Actually, Harry himself sometimes helps me out. It's pretty cool to be dressed by someone who has dressed prime ministers.

When did you begin your love affair with cheese?
It's one of my earliest memories.

Free cheese association:
Happy -cheddar.
Sexy -Gruyere
Compliant - edam
Bored - swiss
Miserable - paneer

Salsa dancing, improv, guitar, photography.

One fierce black cat, appropriately named Delilah.

Now that I know more about Hecker I must add the following: I am not a vegetarian but I refuse to eat hot dogs or hamburgers and have since I was a kid. I never liked them, I will only eat the veggie versions. Same goes for spaghetti with meat sauce.

As to St. Catharines, one of my best friends grew up there and I was one of the first Jews she befriended. I had been talking about the Japs I grew up with and she thought I was making derogatory comments about the Japanese.

Also, I used to go with my mom to buy ties for my dad at Harry Rosen. I've never met Harry though.

Oh and while I heart all kinds of cheese I am seriously lactose intolerant.

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