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The Anti-Valentine's Day Story

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I can't believe that it's been seven years this month that the dude and I started dating. I know I have not yet told you the true grits of how we got together, but I am saving that for a special anniversary or for when I get wrinkly and ancient and have nothing left to talk about except the good old days.

In honour of the seven year itch, I feel compelled to share with you my anti-valentine's day story. So here goes:

Pre-dude, I was pretty much eternally single. Sure I had my flings. My sordid tales. My jilted lovers. Mostly I had crushes that crushed me. The good news was at the time, most of my friends were single too... Seven years ago, they decided to plan a night out on Valentine's. It would be the anti-valentine's day party. Generally speaking, V-day never really left much of an impact on me. I went to Jewish day school where the holiday was pretty much ignored. And I was always single, so the most I got out of that holiday was an extra excuse to be angry and eat chocolate. It was pretty much like any other day to me...

When the anti-valentine email came out, I figured, "hey why not?" The problem was that in the weeks leading up to the event, all my so-called single girlfriends started meeting guys. They were dating like crazy. I panicked and sent a reply email to the whole invite list "hey - i have a terrible feeling I am going to be hanging out at this party on my own?!" They all replied not to worry they would be there.

And then the worst (and best!) thing happened. On Feb. 10, shortly after I had written him off, the dude and I got together. And not that we were celebrating V-day or anything, but he decided to invite me out for sushi that night. It wasn't a big date or anything but it was probably one of our first night's out... I couldn't resist and so I bailed out of the anti-valentine's day party. I have yet to live it down.

That night I came home to at least 15 voicemails. All from the kids at the party. Razzing me like nobody's business. It was pretty hilarious. I wish I still had those voicemails.

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