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concert binge

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This weekend's vfest awakened my inner groupie.

I only went to one day of vfest (day 1) but had an amazing time. Muse blew me away and while excellent, I wish they had chopped Gnarls' set a bit shorter cos the Lips were amazing live. Unfortunately, the Flaming Lips were cut short because the concert ran over time and was shut down out of respect for the island residents.

I am filled with substantial regret at missing Day 2 featuring The Raconteurs, Mooney Suzuki and apparently DJ Champion also rulez. Truthfully I was grateful for the downtime. I am nearly partied out and was in desperate need of clean underwear. Recovering from the past two weeks of action, I wandered around like a zombie all day yesterday and had to sleep for many hours last night. Too bad, cos there were a ton of good shows on in the city, including M. Ward and a Pitchfork/Secretly Canadian showcase at the Horseshoe last night.

So many shows. So little time. Trying to decide between TV On The Radio + Grizzly Bear vs. DJ Shadow & Lateef concerts. They are both on the same night. I have so much nostalgia for the DJ Shadow Endtroducing album... And I heart Quannum as a label.. Just not sure which might prove more rewarding. Thoughts? I am leaning towards DJ Shadow as a friend is already going, but it's a hectic week so I might have to bail on going out that night altogether.

I will definitely try to hit up the Pretty Girls Make Graves show on November 4. C-30, C-60, C-90 GO!

Well Toronto concert mavens (u know who u are) what do you have on schedule?

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