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Kat, my long time loyal blog cheerleader ("Elana, you need to update!") has utterly and completely outblogged me. Well done grasshopper! I throw in the towel, the spoon and a free pair of leg warmers. I really enjoy reading kattykelling, so much so that it has inspired me to try and eek out a meagre update or two.

So what have I been up to? Well with the harsh winter winds bitterly whistling past my windows, I have been doing a lot of hibernating. It's pretty much one of my favourite things to do.. Fearful that you imagine me in my fleece sweats enforcing a permanent shape into the couch, you should know that I can be very productive while house-bound. This weekend for instance, I went through ALL of my clothes. I tidied up every single drawer in my room, obsessively refolding each precious item, and organizing them by colour. The dude even teased, asking if I was also alphabetizing them by designer. I also organized my whole closet by season, style and colour. Then I carted off seven or eight huge bags to the goodwill.

Next, another project mode, baking! I am not much of a baker. I've made the occasional crumble when met with an abundance of fruit. I've attempted a banana bread or two. At least twice, I have made tasty cookies (keeping it simple with chocolate chip or cran-oatmeal.) Well, my department at work, recently had a bake-off! Every Monday and Friday for the past five weeks, someone brought in a baked goodie and we voted. This weekend, I was already in withdrawal. For my entry (wheat, dairy and egg free mini pecan cinnamon sticky buns) I went to the fanciness of Williams & Sonoma to purchase a mini-muffin tin (We voted on deliciousness, originality and presentation, I went for the latter two! See pic)

Well, I couldn't let my mini muffin tin collect dust could I? So we made the most moist and delicious and adorable mini chocolate chip banana muffins! So cute, too bad they are pretty much all gone before I got chance to snap a pic. YUM.

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