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Because I like to cause drama, especially on the dude's birthday, I have been confined to bed rest for the week. Apparently I have been overdoing it of late and my body is paying the price.

Sounds like fun you say? Nothing but TV watching, books and magazines? True. True. It's good for about a day. But it is no life for me. I am finding it horribly depressing and isolating. I suck at being passive.

I get up at 8 every morning. The dude is a gracious guy and brings up my breakfast of choice (today i went for yogurt, granola and fruit, yesterday i had spelt toast with almond butter and blueberry jam, so yum!) and a big glass of OJ. Then I check my work email. Reply before my Blackberry fills up with too many too large attachments.

I roll over to the other side of our gianormous hotel style bed and flip on the boob tube. I catch up on the previous night's Daily Show and Colbert report. Then I spend the rest of the morning flipping between TLC, the Food Network and CityTV. I mostly look forward to watching Stacy and Clinton pick on poor slobs during What Not To Wear, but that's not on until noon.

Family calls in to make sure I am hanging in. I am. I am. My mother-in-law has been wonderful and dropped by to bring me lunch two days in a row.

After lunch, I read some more. Then I make my way to the basement to watch a movie or kill time before Oprah. Yes, Oprah. I even tried watching some Rachel Ray and Tyra Banks but they really make me mental. I often nap, waiting for the dude to come home and bring me some dinner.

Only 4 more days to go. I am almost halfway through. I am becoming more complacent (read: fat and unwashed) every day.

Jealous? Don't be. Live through me. Ha. The dude is always quoting that. He also said I was eager for some downtime. Downtime is different when you can use it how you want, and being who I am, that is usually spent being productive, getting things done. I will commit to writing more, maybe not on here, but I think I will start some real journaling, just b/c I have no more excuses about time.

I recognize that I am really lucky that my work at the office is being looked after and that I have such caring family and friends looking in on me. It's great really, but man, I have learned my lesson: I will try to be more moderate in what I take on, cos it always bites me in the ass. For some people, balance comes naturally. For myself, I don't seem to hear the signals when my body needs rest and relaxation.

An early resolution: listen harder to my inner self, and try to find balance between getting things done and taking time out.

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