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What's your KD story?

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When I was a kid, Saturday nights were date night for mom and dad, and babysitter and corresponding Kraft Dinner for me and my two younger brothers. It was a win for everyone. My folks got a little adult time, and we got our favourite meal.

For those of you who grew up in houses where Kraft Dinner was forbidden, let me tell you that my other favourite meals were alphaghettis, grilled cheese and tomato soup, and campbell's vegetarian vegetable, oh and fish sticks and tater tots.

KD was by far our favourite. It was also how I learned of my lactose intolerance. I think it was more the five glasses of milk I drank along with that comforting bowl of mac and cheese.

As a result, I eventually gave up eating KD for many years. It was re-introduced into my life when I started dating the dude. He likes to buy the President's Choice white cheddar macaroni and cheese and combines it with a can of tuna. Of course my first impression of this was how wrong! I can be such a purist sometimes. Fortunately, I am also open to experimentation. So I tried it and now I can't go back.

It seems, purists aside, many people have their own unique spin for those cheddary noodles. Adina (also know as the gourmaniac) of course insists on nothing that comes out of a box or contains powder cheese. She makes it with noodles (probably hand cut ha!) and tons of real cheese sauce. My bro's best friend from when were kids doused his in ketchup. One of my bff's from high school at it with onion powder on top.

At a party last night, it was discovered that Kat has never tried Kraft Dinner. So Mike went out and bought a box and cooked some up! It was a KD party. It looks to me like she likes it!

How do you eat your mac and cheese?
PS. Woah, I only watched this clip after I wrote this post!

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