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I have a lot to be thankful for at the moment. Firstly, I am thankful that our families do not really do Thanksgiving. After all the Jewish High Holidays in September, it's nice to have a long weekend that actually allows for some downtime.

You wouldn't think that weekends matter when you are on maternity leave but it really is still a time I look forward too. Having quality time with the dude, and having another full time parent on the case makes weekend time stretch out in ways in which weekdays cannot compete. Plus, with most of our friends and family out of town or otherwise occupied, we got to spend a whole weekend plus an extra day as a family of three. It was much needed.

Saturday, we managed to all nap. The dude and I on the couch with little Mia in her swing. I am super thankful for the swing! We also did some chillin. I went to the recently renovated Elmwood for a massage, wow, that place is fab! While I was out, the dude made a yummy potato leek soup, and we bought some blue cheese in the market today to crumble on top.

We logged a few hours cleaning up our home office space. Creating order out of chaos is a nonstop job. We are trying to live as clutter free as possible and it takes a lot of work. We have already set up as much online billing as possible but are looking for any other tips on how you get a handle on the bills, flyers, mags and such that seem to grow into large piles like weeds... Got any suggestions?

And now I need to go write some thank you notes. I would be really thankful if there was a way to automate that process, yet still include some hearfelt sentiment.

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