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Perhaps this is a tribute to the too much daytime television I have been watching, but I feel compelled to post a list of my favourite things of the moment.. I figure if Oprah and Martha can evangelize, why can't I? Here is a quick list of things I am enamoured with at the moment:

Stretchy Tanks: It is possible I was inspired by Ryan Atwood having recently started watching reruns of The O.C., but I am obsessed with the stretchy wifebeater-style tank tops from Aritzia. At $25 each they are not cheap, but they make up for it in comfort. I realized this year that having a little strech in your tank top makes all the difference. I don't know why not all camis have this secret ingredient. These are essential all year round.


Sabra Hummous. This is where chickpeas go to die. Deelish! I especially like the Chunky and Pine Nut versions. Serve with flatbreads and you have dinner. Or lunch. Or snax.

Lip Balm: Kiehl's Lip Balm SPF 15 HUE 58B, I have been using this product for three years or so now and I never tire of it. It soothes chapped lips and adds the most subtle colour. Also one little tube seems to last forever.

Admittedly this is the largest category but she is pretty remarkable. My favourite Mia things are:
- When she looks right, looks left, looks riiight, left, looks right. Looks left. You get the picture. It helps explain her old man bald spot.
- Any and all squeals of delight.
- That she is always missing a sock or a shoe.
- Her ability to kick non stop. She loves to lie on her back and run run run with her legs bicycling in the air.
- Her cries that sound like a tortured kitten.
- Oh and her drinking fists! She balls her little hands up tight to focus all attention, too cute.

His uncanny ability to rock baby to sleep singing American Pie. I think it is because he has the shuckle down pat but he gives full credit to Don McLean.

Wall decals are our new fave thing. We got some for Mia's room from via Blik and some others via a site in Singapore. It's really coming along. Oh and we also picked up this cute penguin humidifier too. We cannot resist the power of penguins.

Not so impressed by many shows this season. I have watched a few episodes of DIRT just out of curiousity, not sold. Still enjoying Weeds. Heroes is keeping me interested but I am not nearly as hooked as last year. ANTM is just there. This season is weak but I am committed. Mad Men is pretty great. It is available on TMNOD. So is Flight of the Conchords which is fun. I watched the hip hopopotamus episode while in early labour and it was a welcome distraction. Made up silly songs get me everytime.

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