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One of my favourite mags is Bust Magazine. At the end of each issue there is a column called the one handed read - full of steamy amateur smut. This entry is also one-handed, not because of the honeymoonin' (which is going great Sterls, thanks for asking, heh!) but because my right hand is partially bandaged, swollen and bruised. It is still intact but it was quite the horrific event:

We were in Ko Tao, off in search of a nice spot to enjoy some Singha beers as we took in our last sunset on this romantic isle. As we headed down a steep gravel path, the dude warned me to "Be careful," at the same moment I skidded and caught myself before I hit the ground, and cried out "I broke my finger!"

The dude turned around in disbelief, ready to roll his eyes, when instead they took in my hand. The top of my right ring finger was at a 45 degree angle from the rest of the digit. It was more than a little bit freaky.

We shuffled down the rest of the hill, in search of a clinic, the dude supporting my weight and telling me he loved me. All I wanted to know was - Am I going to be ok? Am I? Huh? He just kept murmuring that he loved me... I started to get a little woozy from the shock, he sat me down on the side of the road by a bar/resto as I was closed to passing out and covered in cold sweat. Some local Thais offered to give me a ride to the clinic on their scooter, but I was more terrified of that prospect then of what might have to take place with my messed up dominant hand. The dude took action. He asked the bartender to lay me down somewhere and he hopped on the back of the scooter in search of medical help.

I lay there in wait. Several local women came over to gawk at my distorted fingers. A kind American guy chatted me up to help pass the time. Finally, my boy had returned, with an island taxi. I sat in front of the pickup truck's cab and he stayed in the back. He looked really distraught.

We made it to the medical clinic and were greeted by a Thai doctor. A man of few words, he did little to console me but at this point, I realized my finger must be dislocated and at least it hadn't fallen off. At worst I'd have to wear a cast. I was a little worried they might have to cut it off, but since it was still attached, I pushed this ugly thought out of my mind. I was also grateful that I had left my engagement ring at home, or else they would've had to cut it off.

The doctor injected me with a localized pain killer and shortly thereafter, snapped my poor digit back into place. I am actually managing quite well and gaining some left-handed dexterity which is always a good thing. If all goes well, my hand should be back to normal in about a week or so...

Unfortunately, we missed that last sunset on Ko Tao. Fortunately, we also missed out on the night boat that was going to take us en route to the jungle. There was a wild rainstorm that night and as we ate our grilled fresh snapper and drank our beers, we watched the night boat get tossed about on the huge waves and breathed a sigh of relief that we were not aboard.

We were supposed to head to Kao Sok national park for a jungle trek but instead we decided to postpone that adventure for a week, until I have full use of my hand. We instead travelled by day boat and a subsequent bus to the Krabi province.

We spent a night in an icky guesthouse in Krabi town. There was not much to do in Krabi but we did make it out to the Tiger Cave Wat. It was an amazing experience as it was Buddhist Lent and this temple, set in the forest, was filled with much activity. We climbed the 1237 steps to the top of a limestone precipice (this was very hard work and we often discussed turning back!) It was worth each agonizing step though. At the top of the cliff, there was a huge smiling Buddha and a view of all Krabi province. It was spectacular.

Now we are staying in West Rai Lay beach on the Andaman Coast in the Krabi province. It's monsoon season here and in less than 24 hours, we already gave in and bought an oversized umbrella. Weather this morning is pretty spectacular though. This island is more resort then we were looking for but there is a lot to do on neighbouring islands and apparently there are a number of caves we can explore. The dude is excited to go rock climbing and I really wanted to go to but there is no way he will let me in my current condition. Too bad as apparently there is a lagoon that you can only reach via climbing the limestone cliffs. I like lagoons.

Anyhow, the Internet connection in this resort town in unsteady and expensive. They keep disconnecting and I am concerned that I will lose all I've written. Also, we might as well get in some sun while it's available. Don't worry Dad - I am all SPFd.

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