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As in all good relationships, the dude and I are committed to equal rights. When I wiped out and banged up my arms two weeks before the wedding, he outdid me by tumbling off his bike and banging up both arms and legs with only a week for recovery. And now this...

Yes, he suffered from heat rash and now I have become the prickly bitch. My arms feel like they are on fire and look like someone splattered me with sunscreen from a spray can and then I proceeded to pass out in the noon sun. Itchy, red, inflamed. The sweet thai pharmacist couldn't stop staring. It's agony. As a result we've decided to put our jungle trek on hold a day or two and continue to chill out here in Ko Tao - land of the deep diving adonis'. Like any true sport-oriented resort the cooler than thou jocks that have the run of the land are drop-dead gorgeous. Wearing very little, their muscles are glossy beneath their chocolatey tans. It's like living with the cast of Baywatch. It takes some getting used to.

Other then the aches, pains (my neck is stiff from too much snorkeling) and insecurities, things have been going great.

I haven't spotted a gecko in two days, survived our snorkeling expedition (i saw a school of flying fish and even a barracuda!) and yesterday we hiked around the southern tip of the island. It was quite the adventure. The dude led the way up and around tree roots and boulders, the path was more of a loose trail connected by the occasional plywood bridge or ladder - the support/security of which was dubious at best. Still, we plowed on, stopping at various bays for a quick swim to cool off.

We had lunch at the Sea View resort. Curried vegetables with cashews and a pineapple shake. Yum. We wrote some journal entries and I promptly passed out on some pillows in the shade.

Naps are good.

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