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It's A Jungle Out There

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I freaked out a couple of times yesterday.

Our first attempt at snorkeling was in too shallow water and I became extremely clausterphobic and couldn't breathe. Had to get out. Then we went over to Jan Som Bay, an idyllic private beach where all kinds of beautfiul fish swarm you, forming an angel fish skirt as you make your way out into the blue water. The snorkelling there was much better. Not the most exciting coral or fish but the water was very clear and at a good depth.

Today we are going on a boat tour that will take us snorkeling in different places around the island. Just the two of us. We will buy some sandwiches and have a picinic. Should be fun. I hope the sun decides to join us, currently it is cloudy and muggy.

The incessant droning motorbikes alog the main drag are making me restless. Not the most peaceful soothing soundtrack.

I panicked last night too. First there were a million skeeters. They don't usually bug me, I have small veins and there is generally better prey nearby but our hut is more in the jungle then the beach and we were surrounded. Thankfully we had a mosquito net, but that took some getting used to. As do the jungle noises.

I don't mind the birds but the geckos are bizarre. They are also much larger then I thought. I saw one in our bathroom and was on edge the rest of the night. It's about as long and wide as my foot and looks like a mini crocodile. I know it's stupid to get jumpy but I suddenly felt very far away from home and confused by these unfamiliar surroundings.

Morning was a comfort. We had survived the night. It's amazing the different emotions you go through when travelling. We made our first friend in Ko Tao. An Israeli girl named Shiree. She's been travelling on her own for about a year and decided to extend her visa for another six months. I wish I could allow myself those kinds of liberties. Maybe one day.

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