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The CEO on the Grammys who cried about Americans downloading music files, which somehow jeopardizes his salary and the salaries of the members of TRAIN, was the highlight of my entertainment week. It was like watching a principal telling a student body that whenever they drink a beer, the future of the Science Olympiad is at stake. Then, to illustrate his point, he invites the entire science team onto the stage, puts his hands on their sheepish shoulders and says. "Do you see who you're hurting with this behavior?"
All that guy has to do, is suggest to the biggest record labels that they need to cut cd prices in half. This does not necessarilly jeopardize the music industry. It simply means that the dad of that guy from the Strokes will have to take a modest pay cut.
Do people believe that they are investing in the arts when they pay $18.99 for a Moulin Rouge cd?
The assumption must have been that anyone watching the Grammy's who is gullible enough to believe that it is a showcase of the finest musical talent the world has to offer, is also gullible enough to NEVER download another music file because the members of TRAIN (whoever they are) will not be able to achieve their dream of someday buying the set of New Zoo Review to set up in their living room for ecstasy parties to be attended by Milla Javovavovavich and both of the dudes-where's-my-car. (Winona, God bless her, can come too.)
At the very least, the guy should have attempted to reprimand America in a context which illustrated the glory of music and what it means. (if he'd had a really furious Jazz band with a great drummer playing behind him)
As it was, his entire speech could have (should have) been given by Christina Aguelera's ass with eyes painted on it.

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