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While you were watching Yoda fly around, I was at home enjoying the M*A*S*H reunion. Here's what you missed:
-The show resembled an infomercial for cottony white hair.
-Alan Alda is now a disembodied squint hosting a row of tiny incisors.
-Radar is still hiding his left hand--During his solo interviews a small lap-dog sat on it.
-Sidney,(who may or may not be Kurt Vonnegut,) was present. Attempting to fit in, he made comments like "yeah...that was...just...whew." But it was obvious that he had simply shown up and they quickly threw together a montage of all three of his appearances.
-Colonel Potter is still alive. (But he is developing a George Burns, chimp-mouthed, "coo...coo" expression)
-The guy who played Colonel Blake died in 1996 Notable because I was pretty sure he had died right after Hello Larry was canceled.
-Newly amusing: the episode in which they all sit around impersonating father Malcahy, and Colonel Potter says "'Jocularity...Jocularity.'"

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