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making change. quite a gentleman.

Learning to Fall: ten year old goof.
After school today Terry came by the house and hung out until Momma came home. He's not supposed to be around and I'm not supposed to hang around him on account of his foul language but I swear he never even said 'damn' before that day Gill kissed him on the mouth. He's really a wimp, though I don't want to ever call him that 'cause he's my pal and we're 'thick as thieves' as they say in the comic books and some day the two of us are going to go to the major leagues and play on the same baseball team, I just know it.

"So tell me again," Terry asked impatiently, "about ole' Liver Lips beating his girlfriend."

I probably shouldn't have told him the news but, since he was buggin' me for anything and everything there was to tell about Gill I told him the dirt almost the second I saw him.

"All I know is that he must do something bad to her 'cause Momma and Dad have never been sour towards each other for as long as I've known 'em and they never let us know if they do."

And that's true. I told him that Momma and Dad wouldn't have let just any old thing mess up their Valentine's Date no matter what. But then I got to thinking, why would Momma have let us go over there if she thought Dad's furry french pal was gonna' be mean to Ms. Harriet?

"We've got ourselves a puzzle then don't we?" Terry said it like he was an adult and that made him look older but not in a way that made him look mean, just grown up.

"It's a mystery." I tried to look older like Terry did when I said it, but Terry ran out the back door just as Momma came through the door from the front porch and he missed me acting like a grown up goof instead of a ten year old goof.

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making change. quite a gentleman.

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