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Wednesday, January 31st, 2007
Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - Chicken sandwich with avocado, red peppers on 7grain bread
Dinner - Chicken sausage on lame ass dry bread (like a hotdog) - it's all I had in the house.

PT -
2 sets 30 pushups
2 sets 40 crunches
2 miles walk home from train

WT: 240 (Still no change)

I've been slacking for the last week, which is very apparent in the lack of weightloss that has been achieved in that time. Although I am still following the diet (I'm actually doing Weightwatchers) it is not helping. The lack of any PT is what is killing me, I'm sure. I know there is a point where the metabolism slows down and weightloss ceases, but it's too early for that.

This was the first time I did PT in over a week, and I felt it. I'm in pain right now, and I didn't do much of anything. How very sad.

My brother just took his PT for the Army, and scored better than I did when I was in basic training - and he's eight years older than I am. (Old bastard) That is a sad state of affairs. If things do not change for me soon, I am going to have to take drastic measures. I might have to do a short stint on the Atkins diet. I've done it before, and it usually works for me.

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