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Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Breakfast - In honor of Valentine's day - Nothing
Lunch - that sad low fat chicken wrap I've been eating lately - dry, boring, no fun at all
Dinner - skipped dinner
Later that same night - Vegetable Pad Thai

WT: 237 (up one pound)

PT: None

Valentine's day.

Stace had a show last night, so dinner consisted of many drinks. After the show, we went to Planet Thailand in Williamsburg. They were closing, but we snuck in. I had Vegetable Pad Thai, some spring rolls, I think there was some cake, and I'm pretty sure I ate half of Stace's vegetable peanut curry - but I can't be sure.

I was in pretty rough shape this morning, but I made it to work anyway.

Again, I'm not losing weight, but I know I am losing size. I think I'm shifting it all around, which is normal to a certain degree. I have not listed much formal PT, but I have been walking about thirty times more than I was before, and usually with a heavy pack of some kind. Progress has certainly slowed, but it has not stopped.

In the next six weeks, I want to lose ten more pounds. That is my next short term goal.

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