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Fresh Start
Monday, March 19th, 2007

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - Half of a tunafish sandwich on some weird herb bread (ate the tuna from the other half of the sandwich and tossed the bread) (probably about 3 oz. of tuna)
Dinner - Bologna sandwich (three slices) on white bread, with mayo, salt and pepper. One vegetable samosa left over from a couple nights ago.

WT - 239 (Fresh start, so we won't talk about how much I have gained)

PT -
1.2 miles from train to work
1.2 miles from work to train
1.4 miles from train to home
30 minutes cardio kickboxing (anyone know who Gilad is?)
2 sets 25 pushups
2 sets 30 pushups (wide arm)
50 crunches
1 set pushups to muscle failure (only took 18 pushups at this point)
Total of about one hour of PT

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