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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - Vegetable fried rice, roasted chicken with lemon sauce
Dinner - Turkey sandwich on white bread with mayo
Snack - peanut butter on bread

WT - 235 lbs

PT -
Walk 1.4 miles house to train (25 pound pack)
Walk 1.2 miles train to work (25 pound pack)
Walk 1.2 miles work to train (25 pound pack)
Walk 1.4 miles train to house (25 pound pack)

30 pushups
100 crunches
30 pushups
30 situps
25 pushups
Bicep curls - 2 sets 15 (20 llb weight)
Triceps - 2 sets 30 (20 lb weight)
Flutterkicks - 1 set of 40 (4 count)

I put weights in my backpack again this week, and I'll be doing that from now on. Walking with weights really burns my calves, and I can do shrugs during the walk, which works my shoulders and neck. Walking up the stairs out of the train is really good with the weight on too - It's like a free workout.

I did the 100 crunches ala Sunshine Jen. I just get bored doing so many at once - I forget what I'm doing halfway through - I'm going to go back to shorter sets.

This was a light day for me, but the first time I did real situps. Prior to this, all of my situps have been unassisted - which means nobody (or nothing) was holding my feet. This is a good way to work the hip flexers and abs, but not a good way to train for situps (situps is actually an event for my PT test)

I was going to do the dreaded Pyramid today, but I lost energy before I even got started. I haven't been eating enough, and I'm beginning to drag. I'm going to have to increase my caloric intake or I'm probably going to die.

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