*As in "Welcome to" and where "Gator Country"
means "Los Angeles"

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Gator Country: Hi
I heard: let's get into some good
The kind that -

If a fire were to rip past you and
smoke your bones to white, to a raw
nothingness. And if I were to stand there
smoking from the fire of you -

Everything is unfinished
except your Blue.
Blindingly bright, ages old, iceberg deep.
The soft sinking release in your waters.

Blue like the sky I anchored on in
Little Rock

A heart I buried in dark sky. High

I am
Lightening in the sky
Your grinding motivation and
unstoppable pulse
The one who crawls across the
rock to find you
I know how it feels
Who stops you from focusing
A sudden memory
A dream
A disrupting force
I cannot be broken - and you know,
no one does it quite like me

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