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tiny silver heart
to greet you, we arrived in our boats,
stepping from the safety of shore,
and crossed over the great river that
flows through hearts and knows no time.
i saw two people shining on its surface, out of a dream,
a mirror, and i wept at its beauty.
each drop that fell became part of the great whole:
the snaking river that mists up over the high trees,
where the sunrise kaleidoscopes in ever-intensifying
pinks and blues and the sun explodes over the horizon.
here, in this eden, the unmistakable great dawn has returned.

at the bar, i see you two making beer mustaches
in the corner booth. i heard you first,
the conspiratorial giggling
flying in circles all around us, like whispers
among the trees carried by the wind.
later on, you will be speaking
your own, new language.
it requires that fingertips touch first.
that eyes are examined and gazed at.
that nothing and everything are said.

i don't care what love is, but only that it is:
the great dawn, the raging river,
the place where time stops,
and where time infinitely carries you on.

don't shudder at the churning whitecaps, for
i have heard the mermaids singing:
"your love is like the silver
meteor streak that slices the dark night.
your eyes shine like the distillation of all the lost stars.
when i breathe, you breathe in frosty breaths at the top of the mountain where
our love resides and you are waiting there for me..
cup my hand like a tiny bird.
hold my heart because it is yours."

i am here with you now.
and to catch you downstream.

yes, we are powerful beyond measure,
and for that we should be afraid.
when you smell the rose he gives you,
you must think of the rose and the rose only.
the balance of powers: yours to crush it,
time to wither its bloom,
and how it holds this moment and you and time.
within it, you are within love's embrace:
you to the rose, love to you.
the zenith of moments. stay there forever.

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