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I just touched over 200 hands.

I just touched over 200 hands.

Children's hands. Adult's hands. Chapped hands. Dirty hands. Hands covered in exema. Wrinkled hands. Veiny hands. Cold hands. Clammy hands. Happy hands. Limp hands. Clenched hands. Hands that look like sausage about to burst out of it's casing. Towney hands. Tony hands. Hands with short stubby fingers. Hairy hands. Lithe hands.

I just touched over 200 hands.

I just washed my hands after touching all those hands.

People have things under their fingernails that I would pour under-the-kitchen-sink-mr-yuck stuff on if I ever saw it in my house. In fact, if I found it in my house, I would seriously consider moving to Cleveland.

I just touched over 200 hands.

I could never be a politician. To many hands to shake. Maybe I could be Warholian and have someone else shake the hands for me. Or wear rubber gloves.


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