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Klutch.xls: To All Benefit Elegible Employees

klutch.xls is losing his mind due to the fact that the concert gods are screwing him again (see FieldDayFest) so today he will reprint an e-mail he recieved, of course, for your enjoyment.

RE:COBRA Reminder

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 requires employers to provide continued health and dental care benefits for covered employees and family members upon the occurrence of certain "qualifying events." A qualifying event is:

1. The death of a covered employee

2. A termination of employment (other than by reason of gross misconduct) or reduction of work hours to a level below the number that entitles the employee to coverage

3. A divorce or legal separation of covered employee

4. A covered employee's entitlement to Medicare benefits

5. A dependent child ceasing to be a dependent as defined in the plan

Full premium cost plus a 2% administration fee will be charged to COBRA subscribers.

The continuation of coverage period offered is 18 months if group health / dental coverage is lost due to termination of employment or a reduction in hours. In most other cases, the continuation of coverage period is 36 months.

Continuation of coverage may end for any of the following five reasons: 1) We no longer provide group health / dental coverage. 2) The premium is not paid. 3) Coverage is provided by another employer. 4) Eligibility for Medicare 5) Coverage is provided through a new spouse.

In cases where Human Resources is normally aware of a qualifying event (i.e. termination or reduction in hours), COBRA notification will be provided. In all other cases, the employee should notify Human Resources of a qualifying event.

usually they only send this stuff out when they are preparing for layoffs . . .

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