good bye fishies


Klutch.xls: movie treatment:one legged jimmy and the free yogurt

"free yogurt! we got free yogurt!"

"get yer pads on son, this ain't no time for mopin'"

"free yogurt! everyone get's a free yogurt!"

"are you gonna let those kids from Central High get the best of ya?"

"strawberry, blueberry, take one, free!"

"yeah, they're a bunch of loudmouths and some of their signs are despicable."

"don't forget to grab a free yogurt!"

"jimmy, you got one donkey leg and one little boy leg."

"look for coupons in your local circular!"

"make no mistake, that makes you different. but it also makes you special!"

"getcher franz lidzt's fruity frogurt!"

"so you get out there and kick the longest field goal you ever kicked."

"becteria never killed noone!"

"and we can all go home winners!"

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