5 (five) crickets in a jar


Klutch.xls: hallowteen post-mortem

So, I figured that I should put some photo's from hallowteen up on this here little web thingy. I was going to take HonkeyCracker's advice and go as "Sexy Trach-hole Guy" but that kind of freaked me out. So I went out to a discount clothier and bought a $10 blue jumpsuit in hopes of being my favorite childhood hero with a lisp . . .

Cobra Commander

So I cut off the legs of the jumpsuit and started to make myself a mask:

O.K. Looking good. I finished the costume, threw on a belt as an accessory and struck an evil pose:

Yeah, so I realized that I was not the scary Cobra Commander, not the Eeeeeviiiiilllll Cobra Commander . . . I was the FAT Cobra Commander. And we all know Halloween is supposed to be about Sexy Teens. So at the last minute I switched gears and decided to go as . . .

Sexy Klutch.xls

If you don't immediately realize just how sexy I am, here's a close up of my sexiness:

O.K. so as you can imagine, Sexy Klutch.xls just wasn't going to work with the low temperature outside so I merged the two ideas, lost the belt, lost the fat, kept the bulge, and went as:

Sexy Cobra Commander

I don't have a good photo of the solo Sexy Cobra Commander, but here's a nice little group shot of Q-Dogg as a Sexy Nun, me, and a friend of ours as "the Porn Ranger."

I have photo's of the Amazing Sexy HonkeyCracker as well but have not asked his permission to put them up here. Perhaps he can put them up on the HC section of the HR.


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