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Klutch.xls: Nightmares and Chimney Sweeps

In the past two nights I have been awoken (awakened?) by no less than 5 (five) nightmares. I have not changed my diet or sleeping pattern. Normally, I do not remember my dreams at all. Both mornings I have slept through my alarm.

Here's a brief list of the nightmares I have had, as well as some strange coincedenses about chimney sweeps.

NM = Nightmare CS = Chimney Sweep

CS - In 4th (fourth) grade I starred in a stage production of Mary Poppins as the boy-child Michael. In the play, my nanny's lover was a chimney sweep.

NM - I am part of a bizzare sub culture that goes to bars and clubs to dance and then steal the patrons belongings. I start developing some kind of drug-addled paranoia. When the government inevitably gets ahold of me, they start to drug me and it makes me go insane. I ride around in a bus and I can't figure out how to get off.

CS - HonkeyCracker gives me a copy of the New Decemberists CD. Instantly my favorite song is the "Chimbley Sweep" song.

NM - I dream that my cat (Casper) has bronchitas. They put him to sleep without my concent and before I have a chance to say good bye.

CS - This past fall the Q-Dogg and I have our chimney swept. Unfortunately I am not there to greet this puckish sprite.

CS - I purchase the previous full-lenth Decemberists LP. More talk of chimney sweeps in the first song, "My name is Leslie Anne Levine."

NM - I dream that everyone in my office is getting a raise. Finally I will get my due. When we have the meeting to announce the raises, I am told mine will not be monetary. They give me a $10 (ten-dollar) gift certificate to something. Everyone else gets $10k-per-year more.

NM - I dream that Q-Dogg and I go to an open house for a Condo. We decide to buy it and move in. After we move in we both realize that our previous condo (the one I live in-in my waking life) was much better in every possible way and we have made the biggest mistake of our lives. A mistake that could never be undone.

CS - I am reading the most recent (#12) McSweeney's Quarterly Concern. In one story, a girl makes a wish when she sees a chimney sweep on the street.

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