when the going gets tough, the ";girl from ipanema"; gets going


Klutch.xls: Ages 12 and up

We have officially entered phase 1 (one) of the "Klutch.xls Redevelopment and Beautification Project." Though we are lacking state or federal funding at this time, sources close to Governor Romney say a Highway grant could soon be coming our way.

Phase 1 (one) is made up of joining a gym and actually going. This phase was in the quiet stage for about a week and a half, but we feel it is safe at this time to go public.

I am going to be fucking ripped by summertime.

The rest of the plan falls into 2 (two) categories, and consists of the following:

1. More good stuff
2. Less bad stuff

What is good and what is bad will be determined at a later date and is up for debate.

1 (one) thing (some things) that is (are) good, though not really included in the above project, is (are) Spring Training Baseball Games. Why? Here are some quotes from last nights radio broadcast of a Red Sox spring training game. I will change the names to protect the innocent (i.e. these players don't have a chance in hell of getting out of single A ball any time this decade.)

1. "Bottom of the 6th, Bob, and Minnesota is bringing in their 7th pitcher. I'll tell ya, both teams came into this game looking to win!"

2. "Tom Johnson at the plate. He was drafted in the 18th round last year by the Braves and since then he's been with the Giants, St. Louis, Montreal, Philadelphia, the Mets, Seattle, Arizona, Toronto and now the Twins."

3. "You know Bob, this guy is a real Todd Pratt type."

Happy weekend!

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take this test when the going gets tough, the ";girl from ipanema"; gets going

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