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Where have you been?

As you can see I haven't posted in the last seven (7) years and though I wish I could say I have spent the time treating young siberians (quite young, actually; younger than you or I) fight a rare disease called "Optoposomism" that would only be partially correct. A half-truth, if you will.

I am just a self loathing bastard.

So here I am. Typing. Writing. Watching the construction men go in and out of a port-o-potty perched atop a five (5) story building. (How'd they get that up there . . . yo?)

And I have a plan. At least for the short term.

The few of you (very few) that are "in-touch" are already aware of a project on the internets called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). A crazy scheme in which one (not you, you're not good enough) writes an entire novel in the month of November. It doesn't matter if it's good, coherent, or in a language recognized by the United Nations. All that matters is that you put down 50,000 words in the course of a month. A creative jumpstart. Something to get you working and give you a sense of community while the rest of your urban tribe is in line fighting for autographed copies of "the Arcade Fire"'s latest album.

Wait, no, don't let it even cross your mind, I am not writing a novel in a month.

Some D&D dice chuckers decided to twist the idea a bit and start "FAWM: February Album Writing Month." And this, my friends, is my project. I will embark on an inner journey, fight some demons, and spit out their remnance into my 4 (four)-track recorder. Fourteen (14) songs in a month is the goal. That's a song every two (2) days in Feb. And with a trip to the Canadian provinces somewhere in the middle, it looks like this guy is gonna have to plow out a couple a day to make this work.

14 (fourteen) songs . . . that's about 33% of my entire life's output.

So, here I am. I need to make this work if I can ever think of myself as a creative being again. With any luck I will post updates and direct you losers to a site where you can find my sweet melodies.

pwn3d, indeed.

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