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From the H.C. to the O.C. this post comes straight from the heart, Honkey Cracker style. Sentamentalist Bloggerist Extrodinaire.



I been wound tight of late. Ready to go off at any moment. No amount of working out, no minor successes at work have been able to loosen me up. Ready to go off. Don't back Klutch into a corner. Cause he's gonna find his way out. At all costs.

Spring rings in with the Moff. The bestest of friends. The one you don't talk to for six months and see maybe once a year but think about often and long to see. Q-Dogg phones him over the weekend and he's back in the right time-zone reprezentin' east coast style. Hopefully for good this time. A phone call, which I don't partake in, but screams spring into the air.

Two of my favorite all timey vacations.

One dismal Feb. we eat free pulled pork sandwiches on a cheap ass flight to Austin Texas to visit the Moff. We swim outdoors. In February.

One late March we fly to L.A. in JetBlue style tracking our progress on the heads of those in front of us. The Moff in CA. We luck out with a convertible rental car and cruise the strip with the top down listening to the Postal Service and forgetting all about our life back home.

2nd day of Spring and already things are looking up. I may not get home from work until 9:30pm or so but when I do there should be a very special package waiting for me. Buckethead's DVD has been on my mind and my wish list for 4 (four) years and finally it will arrive. Two wedges of pure insanity. 180 minutes of mindblowing bliss.

Do celebrities seek other celebrities because they are afraid their star is about to fade? Do they seek out new talent to ensure they don't fade into the obscurity of all us every-day desk-jockys?

Just another "playground" legend?

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