Kristen: bake sale

Hey Everybody (love k. byrd and her cuz!), rich is producing a bake sale for making the world a place you can say "fuck, pot, marijane, cocaine, etc" in your backyard and not be afraid the fascist bush-cheney (although the pres and v.p and the carleton saudi oil cartel and whales could all be saved if we really do this - in my humble opinion/hope that is. We can DO this people.). BUY STUFF ! (TImmy ! and carrie see! Bruces Z and the golden pantry athens crowd) and 90% of the proceeds will be going into buying more product (primarily t-shirts and underwear) and donating them to our local good wills and salvation army type thrift stores. Thus hopefully fomenting, a quiet, unobtrusive (and rich is a great graphic artist as well, so the t-shirts will look great! Val is even going to help me in carrying my idea to verena and caroline to hopefully inspire/target a more rich, boutique, dagmar/jill/charlotte/kelly/karen demographic (hey just because you have a bit of money doesn't mean you don't wish the world would make a BIT more sense. I mean I think we all want a yin and yang type world but fused with a sandra bernhard/chris rock/steve martin/albert brooks-type "society that can realize that power does/can corrupt ((yes, aunt linda, if you and that great scorpio craftsman/ultimate rags to riches Uncle Whit REALLY could consider donating $1 million dollars to the non-profi t-shirt, underwear charity that rich is producing - remember, contact him via the handy "guestbook" tab (which I by the way will be unable to read hopefully in a week/month or two - does anyone know lenny kravitz, paul westerburg, THOM YORKE!, courtney love, gwyneth paltrow, coen brothers, dave diliberto, etc... give them a gift of the newly for sale (and for that matter created) Kristen's Words (HARD, book-like, printed on real recylcled office copy paper and clipped with binder clips). Couldn't hurt. AND PA's can give gifts to the "big stars too". Every time an item is bought from our BAKE SALE 90% of the proceeds will go back into buying the product wholesale and getting it out there (10% to operating costs and salaries for the workers who need it) Oh, and I forgot to tell you the idea that we are creating a boutique maybe to be located on Castle Street (maybe) in the Vintage Values back corner (maybe to help with operating expenses and mutually benefit both great orginzations) and verena and caroline and sandy will operate this (great casting of the triumverate for the ottoman empire/higher end market) anthropologie-type, very creative, more subtle and arabic, morracon, craftsmen, handmade, totally organic and imported (if NEED be) organic dyes and buttons or something (this really isn't my field, just guessing or something) clothing line that can be worn on occassions when a girl just doesn't want to wear a t-shirt. I see, a wrap around organic cotton dyed with saffron shirt with arabic type script seemingly an art in itself...saying over and over (to the careful reader staring at the chest of the shirt wearer and going "WHAT does your shirt say?" hopefully ((let's use our breasts for Peace! girls))...) "ask me about my dissatisfaction with the way this country is bullying the world" over and over repeated. You've seen something like this right? Or a screen printed (yes, eventually, we'll need a screen print type shop ((only with organic, craftsmen, read OLDER type, material (((on our jobs, you can drink wine, eat long, slow food movement-type in sick to work if you need to recharge your batteries... etc))) ...)) so it might even be cheap.) Maybe mark could show movies in the top floor of the building we buy on north fourth (again, dreamins' free). Mark needs to get hired by JDC for $39,000 a year (he has a massive student loan payment coming up when his default comes up - AND AUNT LINDA if you want to pitch in (or mother even). I think the loan is for about $15,000 and mark has been paying it off and on for about 11 years. It's a huge scam (I think) that takes advantage of students (shouldn't education be free? to all that want it?) and if mark could clear that he could probably work at JDC for $29,500 and be the camera technician for the company that is integrety personified (in a craftsmen, way). It could even be soon time for new brian to move on in his journey or even to florida for a dolly house or a joe company there and it would be easier to hire mark. He would love being a camera technician in this new digital camera revolution, work for a company he believes in, get to see new technology all the time, have a connection to england (which his wife would LOVE to visit every year for a several day period), have the STABILITY he so craves.... Please universe please. Ommmmmm.

Please pre-order by contacting rich via the guestbook (I don't want to give out his e-mail address in case he doesn't use the one I use to write him with.. etc) unless he feels fit to have a "Bake Sale" category on his site map:

- $14 - Tricky the Cosmonaut CD (kristen's favorite Wilmington Band. I'm listening to #19
right now and about to slip a copy in jason and sandies mailbox to preview, so look for a plug if you're in town to catch their show - or they may review the
album on their website [note to rich to create link with them - "Val's words" is almost
as good as the "McIntyre Experience" ((under contruction)) do it, seriously do it. no do it)

- $ 30 - Hard, Paper Copy of the fabulous colllected online column you just
love to hate: "KRISTEN's WORDs" lovingly printed by rich and copied
by Rachel ? leslies? rich? eric? reba? (office accessed people in NYC)
on recycled, (does dye-free, organic copier friendly reams of paper exist?)
"Great Shark" office paper (80% brightness). Lovingly bound by two extra large
binder clips on the left "spine" with a cover designed by Rich! the artist

- $20 - Various t-shirts (organic cotton? eventually via wonderful and underwear
An example of the underwear is "Warning: You are about to be penetrated/ to penetrate
a socialist". Some new t-shirt ideas are "Mr. President, I don't know nothing 'bout bein no
oil-sucking, un-HOBBIT-like consumer. Why don't you and the Honorable Mr. Chaney
go on back to your respective towers of Babel and let the president we were just
narrowly lucky enough to vote fore (LET's GIVE A ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO ALBERT
GORE, JR.) straighten out this mess we've gotten ourselves into." OR "STOP everything
and get your arse to (or something close to that) and buy
and read! 'the Truth Machine' by someone like Halprin? [see token book review to
modify this one if you want to use it rich]" OR "I'm more than a pothead/cokehead/alcoholic"
OR "I'm poor and ignorant, not stupid. Quit consciously/subconsciously condescending
to me".... and it goes on. PRE -ORder these with rich by voicing your intent to buy on the
guestbook. We're taking votes I guess? Later, watch for the items on the "Bake sale"
or some other thing if that's what rich has time/wants to do....

That's it. not so bad huh? A good t-shirt for me personally would be "She must think she Jesus" OR "And another time at band camp" or "It'd be a whole lot cooler if you did" or "I'm not judging you" OR "Everything I need to know about buddhism, I don't know, but I'm sure Pads, Stripey, and Marbles are the best examples of zen and how love creates love". I'm not going to mention this much anymore. I'm sort of done processing my epiphany, and want to spend a quiet, rainy (hopefully, the yard needs it), and finish reading Lord of Some Rings... after I take me stoned walk and put this cd in the summer's mailbox. INDESCRIBABLEy good new years! (and Lin seems really neat! forgot her for that fence climbing thing if nothing else).

Happy 01.01.02! I love you.

Done preaching!

words from Kristen

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