(See, I am not a PERFECt sanctimonious buddhist. I was sooooo attached to "publishing" my arrogant little word's entry that I impulsively dashed at the "post it" button so as not to loose the thing if aol gets f-ed - TIME WARNER AOL eh? this is some subversive shit ((but hopefully they will eventually be modified to be a great company. VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLAR. BUY ORGANIC and IMPORTS AND SAVE THE WORLD AND BE HEALTHY TOOO!!! Cool huh! (I saw this great ariticle ((thank you wonderful parents and universe for flying me in this chrimus - which I will get to one day in explaining how NON HOBBIT - and thus fucked yes FUCKED up that is! with Sandy Bernhard odes as well...later. and I'm no JODI Sewell)) ... on the US AIrways in flight magazine about a slow food movement originating from california that all the scooby gangs need to regionally appoint someone with drive (aries stuff) and love of food to either join or found a chapter in thier area - i.e. Steve Fox/Greg/ Val? for Wilmington - the buddhist good coooks got it? Maybe you can perform a search for info using "slow food movement" or any of the other clues I've giving you as search words. See like BECKY in Raleigh of becnmarty and wonderful marty.. See I forgot rachel, rebaneric, alec, huskey!, mike rich's brooklyn former roommate, so honestly don't get offended... anyway, my new years resolutions is to distill my WRITING further and to be true to myself.... so I'll just say, "You need to do the math"... Sue Carleton, Jared for instance!

Anyway, keep buying the t-shirts when they come out. And I have a great idea to make the wilmintong gals rich and maybe do something to not keep yourself mad from your helplessness at your seeming inability to affect any real - even miniscule name only- change in your life (edgedweller guy for instance, ERIC SHEPHARD, ahtens crowd..., REM, Alberts Einstien, hitler ((AND don't you fucking yes FUCKING dare tell me we shouldn't have learned a VERY VERY valuable lesson from that repressed fucked and ignored by society man! don't go holier than thou -yes not using it's synonmy "sanctimonious" in my desire to spell it out n'est pas....

Anyway, let's just say rich is going to organize a bake sale (you can contact him via the Guestbook located conveniently on this site. (Hi Daddy, I hope you got the postcard and are reading this. I really love you wholly now, but still must reiterate that I really don't wish to see you by either of our conscious intentions ((i.e. I would of course allow for any chance encounter that the universe-that-we-are creates for each other (((whiche would obviously seem to me a sign that we are...STOP DIGRESSING))) ...and if you need to see an example sit down and watch red, blue or white or all of them on the next time you are restless the moment you wake up on a rainy, cozy workday when you have that great Lando lakes new highdolla hot chocolate - slow food movement baby - call in sick to your obligations and give yourself a treat. Once agine: red, white, blue (in whatever order), naked by mike leigh, and bigger and blacker by chr (STOP!)... strick that... writings of marie de france form 1087 a.d., and "trust" by Hal Hartley well... you truly are missing something. An interesting thing for the truly thirsty would be to rent "Blue" by kk and "Amatuer" by Hal Hartley and watch them back to back on the dark, cozy, well diffised lit, sick day...

THE BAKE SALE: (and please ZACK ! see forgot zack and dag! respect that this is MUCH less exposition than usual and greg. I NEED to be kept on track and told to shut up. YES LADIES, YOU TWO can say it to your fair sisters - try it now practise saying to your sisters when needed "Get off the Cross honey, somebody needs the wood" (GREAT T-shirt IDEA n'est pas?) and "SHUT UP" (and like niggar and bitch, these words are all in the tone - as in "that fuckin niggar had it comin mouthin off to darlene may like that" opposed to "whassup my nigga! Good to see you my man. Let us smoke the peace pipe my rasta brother"). #14 is also "ahhhhhh" for any of you single people.

We're having a bakesale. Rich is the producer. (contact him via guestbook remember unless he decides otherwise later). I thought it would be a neat idea to maybe set up some sort of non-profit part time charity co-op (and dreamins free that I dream that maybe it would grow as to keep any staff members that may eventually be needed in wasi sabi comfort (like the scorpio judge in red - the older scorpio judge - and tbh ((i'll only tell you once that this is a snigglet for To Be Honest)) the scorpio / cancer thing is just a very kristen martin theory I have (hey, you don't have to captilize either. It makes writing a bit more efficient I find) --- f-ed up the parenthetical quotes, but ))) back to the sale idea...

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