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I've got a great rationalization for not keeping my house as spotless as today's modern electric appliances can (aka a way to not feel guilty about just "spot picking up" stuff on my rug or sweeping instead of just stopping being lazy and just get the vacuum cleaner out to electronically and modernly efficiently suck all the pesky fuzz out of your life almost completely...the rationilization? you ask? Well, it combines both fung shei and wasi sabi. I think that it's less wasteful and more "craftsmen" (introducing my new attitude - the craftsmen mentality ((yes like MARK has ALWAYS been dammit thank you very much (((OK, I was a bit of an impatient girl, but honestly, I've changed!))) ok back to the tangent)) ...) It's that I think it looks better and more cozy and "real" to just sort of pick up the fuzz while I'm playing stick (one of pads' new obbsessions - better than that incessent whining to get to go outside) and as I'm walking to the kitchen, etc. Yeah, not vaccuuming your throw rugs everyday (the only way you can REALLY keep a clean house)cannot only be less cumbersome than lugging the vacuum out but can save the environment by not consuming electricity (which the more you can save and not use not only really saves you money, but can also make your house more "real" and cozy.)

Detlef Riebold is a genius. I'm listening (waking and baking. the time is now 7:52 AM on my DAY OFF which is another way I"m trying to live a more biosphere, slow food movement, french way of life) to TRICKY THE COSMONAUT's #3, and I've discovered a way to be cool (and not lazy) to not vacuum (I also find that getting off the consumer wheel is by NOT springing for the hot water every time you want to "sanitarially clean" by rinsing a relatively clean item = i.e. I just rinsed in cold water and rubbed with my finger ((in case Courtney or I got lipstick-lip balmish type marks on the glasses)) and went on ahead and put them back on the shelf like those dern wine glasses had been rinsed in clean, sanitary (consumer-dependent sort of) HOT water. I got AIRS don't I?)

We're having a bake sale (RICH THIS IF FOR YOU TO INITIATE - I'm JUST THE idear MAN BAY-BY! (and if you don't know what that that is a really important, highly desired position in advertising - and how usually those type people (((LIKE me))) are dependent on people like you, Sandy, Karen McIntyre, Mark, Mike, Kent, Greg, Jungle, Kristen, Val, Verena, Steve Fox, Charlotte's family!, those new Webbs fambly!, Kief, Courtney, Courtney, Courtney, Allen, YES Dan Brawley, MY WONDERFUL SISTER, MOTHER, BROTHER, not my brother in law because he has yet to attain an even 50/50 chance of getting real before he dies - but bless him, he's just not the man for my sister but can be a great friend and teacher to her for life and that makes him valueable beyond words, MOTHER, AUNTIE, MUTHA GILBER, Tracey, Mary , Will and Marlene, all the great writers before, all the great musicians before and yes Bjork, the 'mats, radiohead, rem, mike leigh, RED - RUN RUN RUN THE F- OUT AND RENT "RED by kristof Krystolfoski" by it and "naked by mike leigh and "trust" by hal hartlye - aren't my freudian spelling errors so something? well i'm leaving great people out (like Jay and Becky Bowdin, but jesus I've got to CUT BACK on context and exposition - I've got to leave something for parties and private e-mail consultations! - well rich if you don't see this as the plea to get the scooby gang together and let's try to make a world where we don't bomb hate with muslims and our economy is bent on materialis, well rich, you ask our own Jeff Weston or Kristen' friend Nancy with her funny boymate...well ...I'm bad with follow through and orginziation stuff with business acumen a slight necessity - see, Rob Cordry, Wexler Hume, Dave D! Matt Malloy, Jonathon, Trey and his gal, Serk!, Dan Kraus and Dionndra, BOB WALL for chrissake.. so don't get your feeling s hurt if you weren't upper most in my mind... I mean my father! (who I wrote a closure postcard too last night - bigger story but I won't go into it"....that Jeff Changing channels guy for instance, Sam, Dean, Chriss, Chris Gilmer, OPUS....

So, the t-shirt idea, and Val I really need you to be the go between Caroline and I, but YES! I think I would love the collaboration AND GOD we need wonderful Verena O'Conner (one of the best stylists I've had the privilege to see thier artistry by the way) )

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