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But of course it's all so much harder when you're both single - both guy and girl I mean. I think it's helpful to again remember that the ultimate expression of loving someone and appreciating them isn't sex, it's more coming home after all you friends have seen some band play and sitting on the front porch, drinking beer, and just shooting the shit. THAT is the ultimate expression. I think a lot of times men/women feel the ole tingle and think that it's ROMANTIC LOVE or BUST bay-by!!!!, when really it's just you love someone, it can't do anything but make the world better. Honestly, they don't even have to love you back. Your appreciation and love of someone can just be on your end (but I can't really see how this would happen as you usually love people you get along with at least, but it could). I've seen many a guy (and seen myself) think everything was great. The girl talked to you , laughed, loved "Naked" and "the Unbelievable Truth" and the "Replacements" just as much as you. It was amazing. It must be love. You have found THE girl. You start making the moves, and she pulls this "just want to be friends" "Bullshit" and everything sux and you never get that feeling you loved talking to her again because you didn't realize that you don't have to kiss everything you love.

On another note, I totally suck at spelling. I wanted to let you know that I knew I've had some grammar errors.

It's been fun waking up early on a non-school night. I've been catching up on all the happyrobot things - even reading wonderful matt johnson (whom I save for occassional visits so I don't have to go "oh, only two new ones" I prefer MJ in longer sessions).

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