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My Best Friend's Wedding

(sans Julia Roberts)

So my best friend from childhood is getting married in Sept. She's now onto the videographer finding stage of the whole wedding thang.

In her search, she acquired 3 sample tapes. One that looks as though it was filmed by someones relative on a boat, one that looked okay, and one very strange tape where they film digitally, edit your wedding on avid and set it to music.

Now this last video was truly strange. You can see everyones mouth moving, but as it is set to music, you can't hear what they are actually saying. So all of your loved ones think they are conveying heartfelt messages you will watch over and over again, and really they just come across as though they are terrible lip synchers. Also, the filming looks like a professional film, so there is an expectation that the subjects will be movie star beautiful, but your friends and family, well they aren't wearing professional make-up or anything and the lighting sucks. So there is this odd feeling that you are watching a movie in which no one actually looks like they belong.

To top it off, there was a nightmare scene in the tape where the bride stains her dress with car oil getting out of the car. You can't hear it happening for the strains of Smooth Operator in the foreground, but they added in a "pop up video" style arrow on the moment her dress gets the oil spilled on it. She subsequently starts to cry - silently mind you, as the soundtrack drones on....

The best part: My friend and her fiancee had a morbid fascination with this company so they were looking at the literature that they sent along with the tape of terror. The services they offer included:


And you know not only will they set that shit to music, but they will also use pop up arrows to highlight important moments (oops! the condom just slipped!), and most assuredly keep a copy for the entertainment of their friends and family.

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