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last night I found myself in a truly bizarre anu yoga class.

as I have studied on and off for about 7 years now, I've practiced many different types of yoga, but none quite like this.

first we held discs filled with water and did yoga poses (tree, warrior 3, random stuff). I spilled mine almost immediately right down my forearm. then we held LIT CANDLES and did some crazy ass moves with our arms, that were somewhere between flamenco and tai chi. LIT CANDLES! I was really surprised because none of us had ever done this type of yoga before, so to go straight to burning the place down was pretty nervy.

surfing around this morning I saw some funny commentary on anu yoga:

"As I understand it, this group of disciplines does involve some special postures and breathings. These can seriously harm a person if not done correctly, so my spiritual mentors reserve these practices for advanced students who are instructed in a closely supervised and confidential way. Apparently, also, there have been people who become egomaniacs over their ability to do certain Anuyoga practices, and the experiences they have as a result. I think that is another reason to do a lot of practices to purify the gross emotional defilements before one undertakes Anuyoga. Not everyone is physically able to do all of these practices. One of these tsa lung disciplines is for heterosexual couples who are both qualified Dharma practitioners--hence the association of tantra and sex. Nothing to do with heightening enjoyment, unless never having an orgasm is your cup of tea."

WOW: I definitely have not purified my gross emotional defilements yet. Am I destined to become an egomanic who never has an orgasm????

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