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The Last of the Dot Com Parties

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Last night I was invited to the Last of the Dot Com Parties. Site 59 was bought by Travelocity. That was it kids. A big old party with some tasty sangria and a heap of horny 23 year olds.

This was me: "Sonny, bring a chair for grandma over here, and then sit on my lap!"

I'm sorry to report that I arrived after the award ceremony. Very Senior Prom. So I missed my friend's boyfriend receiving the "Most Whipped" award. Luckily, both of them are great sports and were conveiniently drunk enough to take it all in stride.

Speaking of dot coms: there was a mysterious guy in a hoodie standing outside of the huge conglomorate dot com i work for ALL DAY yesterday. He didn't even move. He just stood there grinning bizarrely. What did security do? Nothing. I guess today he's taking a vacation day from freaking me out, cuz he's not there anymore. I will take the anti-abortion guy over hoodie man any day. I like my freaks easily categorizable, thanks.

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