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My Reality Television Show

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I just saw Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and am all TV show inspired. (I figure it's better than being CIA hitman inspired right now in this current political climate.)

My reality tv show is called "Sartre".

One overly intellectual brooding man is locked alone in a room with another man who is in an inferior position of power. The room has been delightfully designed by, well any celebrity B-lister really, and decorated in the Second Empire style. After a while a woman is let in. And then one more female. There is sexual tension, inevitably and a question of lesbian intrigue to hold the straight male audience. One of the two original men can leave and gripe to an off site camera ad neausem - for hours. The rest of the cast may not leave the room. Ever. For the rest of their lives.

I am also working up another reality show"Beckett" where two "real people" are buried up to their necks in sand for a month. It's my back-up in case "Sartre" is not commercial enough. "Existentialist Fantasy Freakshow" is too much of a mouthful. I think.

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