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my life as a cockroach deekla‘s britney pants or do as i say

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'le vie c'est tres droll'

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If you couldn't make it last night to the Two Nose clambake, here's your big chance to feel like you were there:

Crammed with hoards of teeming masses, sweaty bodies pressed together into the tiny Slipper Room. Every square inch of the red and blue checkerboard floor was covered with every variation of soggy hipster shoe.

The crowd fell silent when djRobG spun clips from Whitney Houston's infamous "Crack is Whack" interview. "Poor people do crack, we don't do that" repeated under a hip hop beat forshadowing what was to come.

Then like a burst of light the Two Noses bound on to the stage tap dancing in tennis shoes. The opening number "Get Two Nose Us" left jaws agape - wowing the crowd with an early poo joke and the first Running Man to be employed in a tap sequence prior to Wings. After welcoming the audience who had "stumbled in drunk, lost and looking for love", the Two Noses introduced Carolann Solebello, the folk siren sensation from the 718.

Lookin like Catherine Zeta Jones and singin like a songbird, Carolann took the stage by storm with her guitar. Her songs were truly heart warming. As a true diva, she triumphed over adversity to perform - having brought down her car trunk on her own head only a day prior. Four stitches later, Carolann was on stage performing her aforementioned head completely off, and we were thanking our lucky stars that it wasn't her hand slammed in the trunk!

Next up was a clip from Ben Medley's latest show, Trashville. Mimi Maddox was the guest star. A Dolly Parton wanna-be unnatural blonde. She sang "What Doesn't Kill You" and then lost her mind completely. And her shirt. And her bad wig.

Then Glue - the musical theater improv troop stormed the stage energetically improvising musicals with wild abandon! Improptu choregraphy, enthusiastic singing, they kept it going riffing on the theme of "Frank". These Krazy Kids were a real hoot and they sure can think fast on their feet!

They brought the Cockroaches on the stage.

Real scary stuff those cockroaches (Cha Cha and Kooky), but they talk a lot about saying no to drugs and think the audience is made up of innocent kids who are going to "end up with their undies tied around their ankles drowning in a pile of their own throw up" if they do drugs. Their musical number "Kandy makes you Krazy" was a cautionary tale that will keep anyone away from the glucose stuff for good. "Just one little piece of sugar coated goo (a girl like you) went completely nuts and ate her own poo poo".

Well, after that thankfully Mike Daisey came on stage to impart another cautionary tale, this one about working with musical theater people! A very funny story about a man and his homunculous pretending to sing his way through a broadway musical at Sardis.

The evening ended with the Two Noses singing their famous "L-O-V-E LOVE" number dressed in formal attire spelling out the letters of the song a la YMCA. The Noses made themselves available for mingling after the show and for the right price, companionship and lap dances.

And all hell broke loose.

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my life as a cockroach deekla‘s britney pants or do as i say

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