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la manana de la boda next week tour de france

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'le vie c'est tres droll'

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Honestly, I can't remember Hallotween very well. I was a real trend setter in my day, so looking back my halloween costumes are hard to differentiate from my everyday clothes.

I do remember that my father would wait outside for us to come home in his hooded red terry cloth robe and jump out from behind a wall in the courtyard. Without a doubt the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced.

I do have some later and equally as formative costume experiences. The Annual Drag Ball at my college was quite a spectacle - I went as the mustashioed bodyguard of a 6-foot-tall blond (and male, of course) Carmen Miranda.

No one recognized me, even in my tell-tale purple and gold mariachi shirt. For the record, I make a super ugly guy, but it didn't stop me from doing the drag again in NYC.

My first Halloween in NYC I was living with a fabulous gay man who was very tall and sleek and Southern. Naturally, he saw his chance to be Scarlett O'hara in the Halloween parade, and let's just say he had the blankets for the ballgown. He started stitching in July.

His boyfriend and I were quickly recruited. He was bald and very lightskinned. Not really a Rhett type. I suggested Mamie, but he had some issue about going downtown in blackface. I mean what up wid dat?

So it fell to me to be Rhett, as I had previous mustache experience and a riding crop. No questions please. And The Boyfriend would be Tara.

That's right, he fashioned a huge full scale replica of the plantation itself and wore it up and down the streets of the city. Very impressive. Scarlett was pretty fetching too. As for me, well people kept saying, "Hi Charlie!" and "Oh, the little tramp!" so that clearly was not half as successful.

Tara was deserted on the corner of West 19th Street with my moustache marring her lovely brick facing. Tonight, no facial hair will be required. Put out the press release, I am going to a reality tv party as.......a goldfish bowl. Or chicken of the sea if I can fashion a quick beak.

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la manana de la boda next week tour de france

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