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diez anos despues or someone is still saving the world

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I am still recovering from my 10 year reunion. 10 years since I graduated from Oberlin College people. a whole decade! Who's feeling old? Where's my walker?

Spouses and babies and flashbacks oh my!

We came ready to party. For real yo. Even if it meant crashing undergrad house parties at the same old off-campus party houses with new nicknames. I think my old off-campus house "Jabba the House" was demolished. Named for how nasty a sight it was to behold, not for any girls chained to it. I couldn't even bring myself to check if that clapboard shack was still standing. It was too much of an eyesore for my sore (and very blood shot) eyes.

Yes, somehow my friend Greg (he is big and blonde and awesome and just graduated from Yale) and I convinced ourselves it was a fine idea to stay awake until 4 AM or 3AM at our earliest. Even if it meant winning an extra round of air hockey during which I went all American on Greg's Russian ass. Or maybe it was vice versa. It all got fuzzy after 2:15 cuz NEWSFLASH - Oberlin is no longer a dry town like back in my day.

It was just like old times staying across the quad from Robin and Mr. Gise and down the hall from Greg and hearing his next door neighbor complain about what loud orgasms could be heard emanating from his room. He hooked up with an hot undergrad! Kudos Greg! It was a jolt to present day when I almost gave a guy from class of '56 a heart attack when I came out of my room in my regulation dorm bath towel. I think they issued me a hand towel by mistake.

The good news is Oberlin is still trying to save the world. I was snuck into the Cluster dinner on Saturday night during which they speechified to great length on the environment of course, it's Oberlin people! They have a fantastic new green enviro building in which they scheme up ways to retard rapid climate change and hold forums on pedagogy and poop. Some alums spoke that have actually returned to Oberlin despite it's location in the center of a cornfield sorta close to the dubious city of Cleveland to start organic sustainable restaurants using local produce and buy up city blocks and car dealerships to promote more eco-friendly businesses. I was suddenly overwhelmed remembering my own bleeding heart days and glanced with glassy eyes over at Greg. He was sound asleep.

And how could I forget what a neat little art museum they have there. Right in the entranceway you are greeted by the Serrano piece Ejaculate in Trajectory! Ah Oberlin! I also forgot all about the art rental program run by the museum lending art to the students to hang up in their dorm rooms. And I'm not talking cheap ass no-name slouches either they let Mondrians and Miros and Picassos out for the whole year. I got 2 beautiful Asian screens one semester. I loved the screens but hated my roommate. Ah, those were the days.

Well, I'm going to slip back into my reverie now and dance to old Prince songs in the dark and sweaty disco and eat tofu and drink quarter beers in my mind.

Hey wait a minute - no one carded me all weekend!! Well, that was a short lived reverie.

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