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breakfast is the cruelest meal i took your cat.

medium pimping: chocolate cannoli

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I was out with some of my hot fellow co-eds the other night. It was about 3AM and we were drunk on ludlow street. Suffice it to say, there is a little regression that comes with being back in school. and also a drunken desire for chocolate cannoli.

we go into a deli on houston street. none of us have cash. (yet another inevitable school side effect.) the three of us are emptying our purses out for spare change and laundry quarters to get a cannoli. it's only $1.75.

apparently we were loud enough for a homeless man to overhear us. he is noticably crazy and has a cane and airbrushed pants.

"y'all are sexy. i'll buy you a cannoli."

my friends and i exchange guilty looks.

on one hand, we have the steadfast desire for chocolate. on the other hand, we have the lingering bad karma of having a homeless man buying food for us.

we split the cannoli 3 ways after thanking our crazy cannoli buying homeless man profusely.

"I have to pass this guy every day." my friend moans. "I'll have to give him a cannoli tomorrow in exchange."

When she does, i told her to ask where he got those fly airbrushed pants.

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breakfast is the cruelest meal i took your cat.

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