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Thursday, July 18th

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - nothing
Dinner - Crispy Chicken Sandwich, French fries.

Friday, July 19th

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - chicken salad sandwich on a roll
Dinner - Pepperoni Pizza (three slices)

Saturday, July 20th

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - (which was eaten at 9 am - having been awake since 4 am) MRE (Meal ready to eat) which kind doesn't really matter
Dinner - MRE (Meal ready to eat)

Sunday, July 21st

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - , One hotdog, potato salad, some weird bean dip thing
Dinner - Cheeseburger with Blue cheese dressing

Monday, July 22nd

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - cheese and crackers
Dinner - Sausage Sandwich - Onion Rings

Tuesday, July 23rd

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - fried chicken and potatos
Dinner - more of the fried chicken, less of the potatos

Wednesday, July 24th

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - Chicken club sandwich, salad
Dinner - nothing


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