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It was a long complicated weekend, so I'm going to do my best - try to keep up, Matt, I know you're a little slow...

Thursday, August 22th

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - chicken and broccoli
Dinner - nothing

ran 2 miles in the morning
carried two refrigerators (not at the same time) onto my balcony, and then back to the kitchen.

Friday, August 23rd

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - Hooters burger, from the Hooters near my National Guard Armory
Dinner - Cod fish, asparagus, rice

60 situps
2 sets 30 pushups
2 minutes of crunches
10 minutes on stationary bike
15 minutes on treadmill
10 minutes on nautilus machine

Saturday, August 24th

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - some kind of noodles with meat (from the army)
Dinner - the same damn thing they fed us during the day

more pushups than I can keep track of

Sunday, August 25th

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - some kind of weird Army pizza
Dinner - nothing

at 5am we did a 2 mile run
then 30 minutes of assorted PT (physical training)
I also did a whole bunch of pushups throughout the course of the day.

Todays weight: 205 (Again, no change...)


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