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hurricane spring  
it's like a hurricane outside right now. wind is whipping and rain is raining. if you've ever rode out a hurricane you know EXACTLY what i'm talking about. nc is all floody floody. this spring is something else. it's cold and crappy but the wisteria is pretty and smells good, too.

in other news: my husband has an interview today. send good vibes to nc, please. we desperately need a second income and since he's graduating in a month, he needs this job. on a side note: i came home yesterday and found a red satin garter on the desk in our bedroom. not one to freak out, i calmly asked craig what the #$%&*-ing HELL that was doing in my bedroom. turns out, he was trying on his one and only suit, the suit that he last wore to rich and rachel's wedding in september of 2000 when he caught the garter and put it in his pocket. it's been two and a half years now. rachel, honey, if you want that garter for your scrapbook you just let me know!

hating my job, the time change and the crappy weather has resulted in me getting out of bed about 20 min before i'm supposed to be at work. it's an ugly scene. you wouldn't want to be at my house in the a.m.

since we spent all last weekend doing craig's friend's wedding stuff, this weekend i get to choose all the stuff we do. we're going to this massive used bookstore in hopes of finding a 1946 copy of the joy of cooking and we're going to go to this smart new wine bar/art gallery called "april and george" that opened on glenwood in raleigh. they have delish wines and paintings and antique furniture for you to lounge in. good times, good times.

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