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dispatches from raleigh  
everything here is covered in a thick layer of yellow pollen signifying the official beginning of spring. it also signifies that everyone and their brother will call in sick on account of allergies because the news told them it was a bad season for it. i've swept the porch twice, cleaned the deck chairs - even washed the dog who was looking a little yellow - but the pollen keeps showing up. i guess it you're a flower it's a very sexy time of year but for us humans it means you gotta wash your car every 10 minutes.

my husband is graduating in may and was just notified that he has a job! a real live job!! we may actually buy a second car this summer. we might get some sort of savings account and actually put money into it!! yahooieeee! this means i can halt the divorce proceedings. three years on one teenie, tiny, microscopic salary is enough for me.

at the urging of julie, i joined netflix. i haven't gotten any of my dvds yet, but i do like the selection of documentaries and old movies that they have. when we lived in chapel hill there was a good independant video place we rented from but here in raleigh it's blockbuster or nothing. the movies i should be getting soon are alfred hitchcock's "rear window", "jackass" (not by alfred hitchcock), and a cheesy national geographic documentary celebrating 30 years of showing us crap. i can't wait!

once craig gets into the swing of things working, it may mean that i can branch out and possibly get a more creative position that would undoubtably pay less but make me immeasurably happier. when i first moved here 4 years ago i interviewed for and was offered a job as assistant director at the carrboro arts center and i was sooo in love with the job EXCEPT that it paid 16k a year. that was in 1999, folks, not 1975. at any rate, craig and i crunched numbers for two days and we just couldn't make it work.

oh, to be independently wealthy!!

finally, i've gotten into the bad habit of going to bed waaaay too late and getting up two seconds before i have to leave for work. i can't seem to shake myself of it. it's all CSI's fault. sometimes they have a bonus episode on some random night and i can't resist the goryness. so i watch that and then i want to watch the news and then i want to read. so that brings us to about 1 am and i'm the kind of girl that needs her 8 hours of beauty sleep. i wish i could sleep like martha stewart. she only needs four hours of sleep a night. pooh.

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